8,993 Turkish citizens arrive in Armenia in 8 months

October 11 2023, 19:26


In 8 months, 8,993 Turkish citizens entered Armenia, and 8,902 left, the Statistical Committee of the Republic of Armenia reported.

In January-August 2023, a total of 3,231,585 visitors entered Armenia, and 3,229,415 visitors left. According to the committee, the difference between these figures was 2,170.

The highest rate of arrivals and departures was recorded among persons with RA citizenship, with 1,313,000 people entering the country and 1,340,378 leaving.

The majority of visitors to Armenia were citizens of the Russian Federation: 1,172,381 entered, 1,164,135 left.

In January-August 2023, 238,110 Georgian citizens entered Armenia from neighboring countries, 232,549 left.

The number of arrivals from Iran to Armenia reached 115,441, with 113,444 Iranian citizens departing.

During the same period, 49,867 US citizens entered Armenia, and 47,281 left.