Alexander Cheryomin: If we do not preserve the word ‘genocide’, then we can rewrite the history of Armenia

April 24 2024, 10:01

Opinion | Politics

Speaking with Alpha News, historian Alexander Cheryomin commented on the news that the Armenian Prime Minister, in his latest speeches about the events that occurred in the Ottoman Empire in 1915, never used the term “genocide”.
According to the historian, Turkey and Azerbaijan are now rewriting the history of Armenia.

“If the term ‘genocide’ disappears from speeches of political figures and from history, this will be a very big, fatal mistake both for the Armenian people and for other peoples who experienced genocide. Genocide is the destruction of almost an entire nation, and this wording is the most correct. It is unacceptable to substitute it with other words because the word can simply disappear from scientific discourse, and then one can simply forget about this definition and what happened directly to the Armenian people and to other peoples who were simply exterminated on ethnic grounds.

It will be a tragedy for everyone if they forget Turkey’s blasphemous actions committed against the Armenian people. The term ‘genocide’ means complete destruction, and replacing it with another word is unacceptable. We constantly have some military clashes or geopolitical disputes, but they are not referred to as genocide. Genocide is the most terrifying word for any aggressor, and it is condemned by all of humanity because it is the extermination of an entire nation. If we do not preserve this word, then we can rewrite the history of Armenia, which is what Turkey and Azerbaijan are doing. If this word disappears from the political discourse, then historians will simply erase it, saying that it was just a civil or local war. And this will work in favor of those who organized this genocide. This word cannot be completely excluded by anyone,” Cheryomin said.

According to the expert, Turkish President Recep Erdogan benefits from the actions of the Armenian authorities.

“Turkish President Recep Erdogan, of course, immediately picked up on this. He is the most interested party; that’s why he got involved in the controversy. It is very beneficial for him. In this case, it means that you may no longer declare that there was a genocide, but to say that there were simply some specific clashes, some local conflicts, you may not even indicate the year, who participated, and how many people were exterminated.

A politician must pay attention to every word he says, include logic, and think about the consequences. Any mistake made by a politician is then reflected in the fact that wars begin and someone is defeated. It turns out that people have been showing for many years what happened to Armenia, and then one politician comes and begins to practically turn the history of both his people and humanity upside down. This is unacceptable,” Cheryomin concluded.