Arman Tsarukyan to represent Armenia at UFC 300

April 12 2024, 13:30


UFC lightweight contender Arman Tsarukyan said he will represent Armenia at the UFC 300.

“I represent Armenia. And on Saturday I will give Armenia the opportunity to watch my triumph,” Tsarukyan said. 

He also explained why he likes to train in Russia more than in the United States.

“When I’m at home, I feel better. Everybody can come to see me during the weekend, time goes faster. I don’t know why I can push myself more there, maybe because of the homemade food, I don’t know. And when I came to the US, I was already in shape, and I just started doing a lot of sparring, wrestling. My camp was super good,” Tsarukyan told ESPN MMA.

The Armenian fighter will face Brazilian Charles Oliveira in a bout on April 14 at the UFC 300 in Las Vegas.