Armenian communities of Berlin and Strasbourg sign open letter in support of Goy Theater 

April 12 2024, 11:39


The Armenian communities of Berlin and Strasbourg have addressed a letter to the Armenian Prime Minister, urging him to restore the activity of the Goy Theater.

“The Goy Theater, which plays a unique role on the Armenian theatrical platform, has indeed confirmed its right to exist and has become an independent unit, fulfilling its mission in the theatrical sphere.

Many Armenians living in Germany and France are regular spectators of the Goy Theater, and every time they come to Armenia, they visit the theater with pleasure. We believe that the desire to merge it with the Academic Theater does not derive from the principles of effective theater management,” the letter reads.

The representatives of the community expressed hope that their request will be taken into consideration and that the Goy Theater will be given the opportunity to “perform under its own roof, preserving its original artistic style, for the benefit of the development of modern Armenian theatrical art”.

The letter was signed by the Armenian community of Berlin, the Armenian Church and Cultural Community of Berlin, the Association of European and Armenian Experts, the Armenian Sunday School “Giteliq” in Berlin, and the “Hayordi” Union of Strasbourg.

The intention of the Ministry of Education and Science to merge the Goy Theater into the Gabriel Sundukyan State Academic Theater became known on May 11, 2023.