Artur Khachikyan: Artsakh is surrendered, now it’s time to get rid of Russia-this is the West’s plan

March 29 2024, 11:25


There is a so-called Western Azerbaijan community in Azerbaijan, and that community has leaders; we are that Western Azerbaijan, PhD in Political Science Artur Khachikyan told Alpha News.

“There is an organization there that represents Western Azerbaijan, that is, the territory of Armenia. Do we think about it, do we worry about it, or not? The state bodies of Artsakh do not have a territory, and this is not normal, but what should we talk about now? 120,000 people were displaced. Does anyone remember that? Does our government raise this issue? Does it talk about how these people should return to their homes or what guarantees they should receive? It seems that these 35 years have not happened and that we have not seen our struggle for Artsakh. It is necessary to raise these issues and work in this direction. Using our diplomatic mistakes, Azerbaijan is moving forward and making new demands,” Khachikyan said.

He stressed that Pashinyan’s harsh reaction to the statements of the Artsakh authorities was ordered from Europe.

“I can assume that there is pressure from the West, hence Pashinyan’s harsh reaction to the statements of the Artsakh authorities. This was the West’s plan. Don’t forget that before they came to power, those people always repeated and taught people: if you want to live well, you should surrender Artsakh and get rid of Russia. Artsakh was surrendered, now it’s time to get rid of Russia. Look at the diplomacy of Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Turkey. They are in good relations with the West and Moscow. These countries do not allow anyone to turn them into playing cards. And we, since we do not have diplomacy, have become a toy. Of course, it is right to establish good relations with Europe, but not to the detriment of our relations with Russia,” Khachikyan concluded.