Jack Assadourian: If Armenia had oil, Artsakh would be the first in the world news

November 10 2023, 13:00


Everything that is currently happening in the world is simple politics and the work of governments, actor Jack Assadourian told Alpha News.

“I am not a politician. Everything is the work of governments. Watching the videos, we understand that all the heads of countries are connected with each other. We were not given any help, we thought that Russia was helping us, but we do not know whether it helped or not. It is very sad to see how the whole world is now talking about Israel and Palestine, but the same thing happened to the Armenians. However, we did not even get 10% of today’s media coverage, which is very disappointing.

I am not saying that the situation in Artsakh was more terrible than in Palestine. Everything is bad in both countries. I feel like the media is collaborating with each other. As President Trump has always said, fake news and the media do what their owners want them to do. All media is owned by someone, that someone wants us to hear what they want. That is how this system works,” Assadourian said.

According to Assadourian, if Armenia had oil, it would be in the top headlines in international news.

“It is all about money. When I see children, my heart breaks into pieces. You are not born to hate; you are taught to hate. All these children are taught to hate. If you look at different parts of the world, everyone hates everyone. All people are divided and filled with hatred.

Yes, Azerbaijan is teaching children to hate. It rewrites and distorts history. We need good leaders, we need to teach our children better. When Azerbaijanis start to brag, I say, Jesus loves you. That is, we need to spread love; this is the best we can do. Hatred takes too much energy. Try to love,” Assadourian concluded.