Azerbaijani Armed Forces’ actions pose real threat in terms of ensuring right to life and safety of people: HRD

February 13 2024, 14:00


The Armenian Human Rights Defender’s Office has issued a statement in connection with Azerbaijan’s yet another aggression in the Syunik region of Armenia.

“By order of Human Rights Defender Anahit Manasyan, the staff launched an investigation on February 13 in connection with human rights violations as a result of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces’ actions in the direction of Nerkin Hand village in the Syunik region.

The basic rights of the civilian population to life, safety, education, etc. were violated as a result of the shelling of Nerkin Hand by the Azerbaijani Armed Forces.

Residents told the Office of the Human Rights Defender that the shots were clearly heard, frightening the villagers.

The Human Rights Defender emphasized that the actions of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces pose a real threat in terms of ensuring the right to life, safety, education, and other fundamental rights of people.

The Office of the Human Rights Defender continues its monitoring and fact-finding activities,” the statement reads.