Baghanis residents: Turks should not live on the land preserved at the cost of blood, we will not give in

April 03 2024, 20:00


Residents of the border village of Baghanis, who defended their lands at the cost of blood, told Alpha News that they have nothing to cede to the enemy.

“The people are ready for defense, whether they have weapons or not. No one is going to cede land. Are Pashinyan and his wife going to dilly-dally, travel around to different countries, and think that the villagers are simpletons? What will our people have to do if the Turks come and settle on our lands? How will they cultivate the land? What will they live on? People live on this land and raise cattle. What should they do in this case? How does Pashinyan help the people?” Susanna Beglaryan, a resident of the village, asks, perplexed.

According to the woman, there were eight people killed in Baghanis in the 1990s, including two women who died in their homes. Susanna, who has three grandchildren, says she will also fight if necessary.

“I will fight so that my children don’t end up being subjugated by the Turks. It is impossible to live next to Turks. Turks will live on the land we defended at the cost of our blood?  It is impossible. I won’t give it away, I’m not afraid of war, I will fight. Pashinyan is the one who likes to brag. In that case, why doesn’t he personally come at least once to see and hear how we fall asleep to the sound of gunfire?”