Byurakn Ishkhanyan: The words “democracy” and “Pashinyan” do not match with each other

May 18 2024, 13:35


The words “democracy” and “Nikol Pashinyan” do not match at all, writer Byurakn Ishkhanyan said in an interview with Alpha News.

“A few days ago, there was a democracy summit in Denmark. Pashinyan was invited and was supposed to give a speech about democracy. To be fair, it should be noted that the words ‘democracy’ and ‘Pashinyan’ do not match with each other at all,” Ishkhanyan said, adding that Armenians staged a protest near the summit venue.

Ishkhanyan noted that one of the Danish newspapers called Pashinyan a liar in its article.

“One of the Danish newspapers interviewed the former prime minister of Denmark, who invited Pashinyan to the summit. He said that Armenia is a democratic country, there are problems there, but it is necessary to help Pashinyan separate Armenia from Russia and take steps towards the European Union. In parallel with this, the newspaper quoted the words of the protesters about police violence, political prisoners, etc. in Armenia. All this resulted in the headline ‘Nikol Pashinyan is a liar’,” Byurakn Ishkhanyan said.