Challenges for Armenia will not increase after Zelensky’s visit, says political analyst

February 27 2024, 11:20


There are already numerous deep-rooted challenges around Armenia, political analyst Hakob Badalyan told Alpha News.

“Even in the Western environment, this is already a lost cause. I don’t think that it is right to attach great importance to Zelensky’s visit. I reiterate that the threats to Armenia are much greater, and they do not need to be conditioned by whether this visit will take place or not,” he added.

When asked whether Pashinyan’s statement that Armenia and Russia are not allies when it comes to Ukraine, which could be followed by Zelensky’s visit to Armenia, is an expression of Armenia’s hostility towards Russia, Badalyan replied that this statement is situational in nature.

“The picture was obvious even without this statement; there is nothing new in Armenia’s attitude here. Pashinyan’s statements are related to the need to prove his sovereignty to Western countries,” said Hakob Badalyan.

According to the political analyst, with such actions, Pashinyan expects the West to be responsible for ensuring the security of Armenia.

“It is inappropriate to call it an enemy because, for example, Russia is not Armenia’s ally when it comes to Azerbaijan; it does not declare this, but its policies and actions indicate this. However, despite all this, Russia is not declared Armenia’s enemy,” he noted.

Badalyan also added that not being an ally does not mean being an enemy.