CSTO wants to clear the air with Armenia, says political scientist

April 18 2024, 12:20

Opinion | Politics

Speaking with Alpha News, Russian political scientist Andrey Koshkin commented on the statement by the CSTO Secretary General that the organization wants Armenia to clarify its position, as this will be beneficial in matters of planning.

According to the expert, the CSTO poses the question quite directly, and this is the right thing to do.

“It is right that the CSTO poses the question quite directly and, I believe, firmly. The CSTO asks Armenia to explain its position, and Armenia, apparently, is not yet ready to respond. The situation is not entirely constructive. However, I would still like Armenia to continue close and mutually beneficial interaction with Russia and the CSTO states,” Koshkin said.

According to the expert, stability in the South Caucasus region can be ensured by Russia or Iran, while the United States wants to create a conflict situation.

“Those who want to push Russia out of this region—the United States and NATO—want to create a conflict situation. I am for the stability of this region, and the stability in this case can be ensured by either Iran or Russia, which controls the situation. If they now begin to try to push Russia out of this region, this will cause serious destabilization. I do not even exclude that there may be some armed clashes.

I believe that the CSTO poses the question in this way to clear the air. There is hope that reason, perspective, and understanding will prevail in Armenia. All Armenians who live in Russia advocate that Armenia needs to cooperate with Russia. This is the path of development. This is the opinion of those who would like to see close ties between Russia and Armenia,” Koshkin concluded.