EU countries should follow France’s example in providing Armenia with military assistance

February 28 2024, 17:45


Members of the European Parliament support Armenia’s efforts to continue bilateral and multilateral discussions with Azerbaijan to reach a peace agreement and call on the Azerbaijani authorities to complete the peace process.

However, simply negotiating is not enough, French MEP Nathalie Loiseau said.
According to her, EU countries should follow the example of France, which trains Armenian soldiers and provides Armenia with military assistance.

Baku should know that we will not tolerate any violation of Armenia’s sovereignty, and if something happens, we will respond strongly, said Italian MEP Fabio Massimo Castaldo.

The European Union should be free from the import of Azerbaijani gas and oil, said Czech MEP Markéta Gregorová. She called on the representative of the European Commission to convince his colleagues in Brussels.

Other MEPs called on the EU to be more assertive, to conduct a consistent policy towards Azerbaijan, and not to apply “double standards”.

The voting of the resolution on EU relations with Armenia and the peace process in the South Caucasus will take place in the next session of the European Parliament.