EU will soon no longer exist, says political scientist

June 25 2024, 11:10


Speaking with Alpha News, political scientist Vladimir Kireev commented on holding a referendum in the Armenian parliament to join the EU.

According to the expert, the West is involving all the countries that surround Russia to use them as a springboard for future military operations.

“The proposal for Armenia to join the European Union is dictated by geopolitical and military reasons rather than reasons of a democratic, political, and cultural nature. For the West, it is critically important to involve all countries that surround Russia in the area of influence of NATO, the United States, and Western Europe to use these countries for future military operations and, in the short term, possibly to contribute to Russia’s geographical and political isolation. One way or another, this is aimed at counteracting Russia.

From the very beginning of its existence, the European Union had very high entry standards for countries that aspired to become its members. We are talking about the level of economic development, freedom of economic interactions, a legal system that should have been transparent and legitimate, as well as the development of political, democratic, and cultural institutions.

The bar was subsequently lowered, but at the moment, only former post-Soviet republics, such as Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, and Armenia, receive offers to join the European Union. All these initiatives clearly demonstrate the military nature of this event because NATO still invites truly combat-ready countries into its membership, but the European Union turns out to be a bargaining chip; it includes anyone and anything,” Kireev said.

According to the expert, the European Union will soon no longer exist.

“The invitation of Armenia to the EU is one of the parts of the mosaic to isolate Russia and form a springboard for future military actions against Russia. It is worth understanding that European integration in the way history is developing now will not happen to anyone because the European Union will soon no longer exist,” Kireev concluded.