EXCLUSIVE: I will discuss the needs of our compatriots forcibly displaced from Artsakh in the California State Assembly – Elen Asatryan

April 12 2024, 10:42


We must make sure that we have a representative in the California State Assembly who will represent the interests of the Armenian people, Glendale Mayor Elen Asatryan told Alpha News.

“In the coming days, I will meet with the mayor of Burbank, Nick Schultz, and we will talk not only about the problems of the city of Glendale but also about the needs of our compatriots living in Armenia and our brothers and sisters forcibly displaced from Artsakh. In addition, I will suggest having close cooperation programs between Armenia and California,” she said.

Elen Asatryan plans to visit Gyumri and Kapan in the coming months.

“I will visit Armenia in June. Besides, I plan to go to our sister cities, Gyumri and Kapan, in September with the staff of Glendale. I am currently waiting for a list of their needs so that I can take the right specialists with me,” Asatryan concluded.