EXCLUSIVE: My first step as mayor of Glendale is to unite our Armenian community – Elen Asatryan

April 12 2024, 09:48


Everything that happens in the city of Glendale directly affects our citizens and small businesses, Glendale Mayor Elen Asatryan told Alpha News.

“Any decision directly affects our large Armenian population, which makes up 40% of Glendale’s population. When I look at our city’s internal problems as mayor, the first step must be for us to work together. I believe that no one can do this job better than me, because I already did all this before I was elected mayor,” Asatryan said.

According to Asatryan, the mayor’s office must cooperate very closely with Armenian media to convey the correct information to the Armenian people.

“This is especially true for what is related to the Armenian press; the mayor’s office must cooperate very closely with the media so that the correct information reaches our people. Like all communities, the atmosphere in our community has changed because everyone is using social media, where anything is being shared, and it is our responsibility as the mayor’s office to provide only correct news to the public. Until recently, news was only in English, but we organized a meeting with media representatives to understand the ways they would like to obtain information,” Elen Asatryan concluded.