Exhibits from Armenian History Museum displayed at Doge’s Palace in Venice

April 12 2024, 00:20


The international exhibition, The Worlds of Marco Polo, opened in one of the famous museums of Venice, Doge’s Palace. It displays 32 exhibits from the Museum of History of Armenia, reports the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports.

The exhibition is dedicated to the 700th anniversary of the death of famous Italian traveler and merchant Marco Polo.

More than 300 exhibits from Armenia, Italy, Greece, Germany, Spain, Denmark, China, Qatar, Spain, and other countries are showcased at the exhibition.
For the exhibition, the Museum of History of Armenia presented a wooden tablet of the 13th century discovered during excavations in Ani, a fragment of silk cloth with golden thread depicting a tiger and leopard fight, glazed plates with various decorations and images found in Ani and Dvin, vessels, cups, interesting samples of glass, and other exhibits.

The exhibition will last until September 29.