Garnik Danielyan: Azerbaijanis will reach the church, their border guards will stand near the river

April 18 2024, 10:39

Opinion | Politics

The villagers were waiting for Nikol Pashinyan in uncertainty, MP of ‘Armenia’ faction Garnik Danielyan, who is currently in Tavush, told Alpha News.

“Everything started with my question in the National Assembly regarding Nikol Pashinyan’s promise to the residents of Voskepar to go and present the situation. The villagers were waiting for him. In the National Assembly, he said that he did not make such a promise. I insisted that he did and that he needs to do this because people there are in uncertainty.

The residents of that village appealed to me to raise this issue in the National Assembly. After I conveyed the words of the villagers, Nikol Pashinyan came to Tavush by helicopter as a surprise, when no one knew about it. He organized visits with his people and his team. The first stop was the village of Voskepar. Many people were surprised,” Danielyan said.

According to the MP, Pashinyan went to Tavush by helicopter so that no one would know about his arrival.

“Arriving by helicopter was perhaps due to security reasons, perhaps due to a sudden arrival, because otherwise, people would have seen that there was a convoy or a large number of patrols on the road from Yerevan to Tavush. It is obvious. In my opinion, it was organized to ensure the surprise effect. The most important thing here is that during the first visit, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said that if villagers did not agree to these demands, Azerbaijan would start a war in a week, and then villagers would complain why they did not choose Pashinyan’s good proposals and chose war instead. The villagers did not like those proposals, and today Pashinyan says in Tavush that everything will happen partially,” he said.

Garnik Danielyan noted that there is no final decision because it depends on Ilham Aliyev’s wishes.

“Azerbaijanis will reach the church; there is a river below it. The border guard forces of Azerbaijan will stand near it and our border guards must also stand there. In that case, the road will not be controlled by Azerbaijanis; it will be under our control. This is a 99 percent agreement regarding Voskepar, but the decision may change at any time because it also depends on Aliyev’s wishes. This is what the people who were present at the discussion told me,” Garnik Danielyan concluded.