Garnik Danielyan: This is the Civil Contract Party’s last chance to accept Bagrat Srbazan’s call for solidarity

May 14 2024, 12:52


Speaking with Alpha News, Garnik Danielyan, MP of the Hayastan faction, noted that the only vote missing to start the impeachment process against Pashinyan is the vote of Ishkhan Zakaryan, with whom talks are underway.

“Negotiations continue with Ishkhan Zakaryan. We will soon provide the details of the meetings and talks and, in general, of all the work we have done.

A lot of work is being done with various political forces. During these days, many parties have expressed their support for Tavush for the Homeland movement. Consultations are underway, and everything takes place in due course,” the MP explained.

According to Danielyan, a 24-hour struggle is underway.

“We have been fighting for two months under the leadership of the Bishop, starting with Tavush. As long as necessary, this struggle will continue without lamenting, getting tired, or setting deadlines. We took to the streets to ensure the end result of the struggle. We started consolidation from Tavush. We see that there are big changes in people’s mood, and this is the result of our actions. The work has already borne its fruits, and we continue our struggle day and night, almost 24 hours a day, sleeping for only one or two hours,” Garnik Danielyan said.

He noted that the roads will be closed for a longer period of time, i.e., the peaceful disobedience actions will continue.

“This pace should be maintained and increased. Many protests were staged today, and actions of peaceful disobedience took place. We must increase the pressure and increase the number of roads to be closed. They must be blocked for a longer time.

I believe we will achieve our goal because we have all the prerequisites for that,” he said.

The MP referred to the rumors that some Civil Contract members support the Tavush for the Homeland movement.

“It is an exceptional chance for the Civil Contract Party to use Srbazan’s call for solidarity. We hear that several people from the Civil Contract are supporting us, but we know that there are deep differences and contradictions among them. People want to take advantage of this opportunity. This opportunity may not be here tomorrow. Let’s take advantage of this opportunity and peacefully change the government,” Garnik Danielyan concluded.