Grigor Balasanyan: We must do our best to normalize Armenian-Russian relations

May 24 2024, 13:22

Opinion | Politics

Armenian-Russian relations throughout history have never been so tense. Grigor Balasanyan, an expert at the Center for Russian Studies at Yerevan State University, told Alpha News.

“Unfortunately, we must note that Armenian-Russian relations are now experiencing very difficult times, and, in fact, Armenian-Russian relations have never been so tense in their entire history. We, the experts, must do our best to normalize these relations. We must do everything to ensure that our words are heard by both people and the political elite,” Balasanyan said.

According to the expert, the West cannot ensure Armenia’s security.

“The historical past shows that there are states and interests in this region that cannot be replaced by others. Therefore, it is no use thinking or saying that the West can guarantee Armenia’s security. Besides, this could harm Armenia even more, especially since the West does not make and does not plan to make such statements,” Balasanyan concluded.