Hakob Badalyan: The real reason for the defeat of Macron’s party is deeper

June 11 2024, 11:35

Opinion | Politics

The real reason for the defeat of Macron’s party is deeper, political commentator Hakob Badalyan told Alpha News.

“The formal reason for Macron’s decision to dissolve the National Assembly was the result of the European Parliament election, where the Renaissance party led by Macron suffered a significant defeat, but the root cause is deeper. The political problems of Macron and his party, in general, have a long history. We remember protests by, for example, French farmers. In general, the economic grievances are quite high.

Not only has Macron’s ruling party not achieved foreign political success on a large scale, but also, for example, there has been a retreat in the traditional spheres of French influence, I mean, in a number of African countries.

In this case, I believe the French President used the opportunity to clarify the internal political positions of the country, especially since in a geopolitical sense we see France’s effort to find a partner in one or another pole; in particular, I mean the fact that only a few weeks ago the Chinese President visited France, and then a few days ago we saw US President Biden’s visit to that country. I think that each of them has certain expectations regarding the position of France. Here, Macron needs that internal political clarification to plan further actions,” Hakob Badalyan said.

According to him, Macron’s move was deliberate, he wants to show that he is open-minded.

“Using this opportunity, Macron at least tries to make that decision from a certain advantageous position for himself, that is, he makes the decision to hold the election not at the request of the opposition or due to pressure from internal political events, but to show that he is quite open-minded,” Hakob Badalyan concluded.