History of Russian-Armenian relations is being replaced with a false agenda, says RUDN expert

November 23 2023, 10:18

Opinion | Politics

Director of the Institute of Strategic Studies and Forecasts of RUDN University Dmitry Yegorchenkov commented to Alpha News on the role of information attacks in relations between Russia and Armenia.

According to the expert, the information component and information wars play a significant role in Armenian-Russian relations.

“The information space is not completely protected in the present circumstances in Armenia. It is completely open. Such openness allows all interested parties, and, as we understand it, there may be more than two, to spin the narratives that are interesting and beneficial to them, including the narratives about attempts to separate Russia and Armenia from each other. This is a very interesting position not only for the United States or Europe but also for Turkiye, for example.

We see how decolonization in Armenia, which fully fits within the current American methodological agenda, is also being worked out by some news broadcasters and on social media. At the same time, nobody thinks, for example, why and how Russia ended up in Armenia or what exactly Russian troops were doing in Armenia during the tsarist period. In general, they are trying to erase the history of relations between the Russian and Armenian people and replace it with a false agenda. And this poses a certain threat to what we call worldview and public opinion in an open information space. I, myself, had to explain this story anew every time more than once in Armenia, in conversations with ordinary people, with colleagues,” Yegorchenkov said.

According to the expert, the information attacks inside Armenia serve to destroy the historical ties between Russia and Armenia.

“This is precisely the goal. They want to break the intellectual, ideological, and historical connection and our common past. They are trying to cut everything as much as possible,” Yegorchenkov concluded.