Hope for European Union is deception of Armenian people, says political scientist

February 29 2024, 15:30


Speaking with Alpha News, German political scientist Vladimir Sergienko commented on the EU’s promise to “respond” in the event of a violation of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Armenia.

According to the expert, working with the EU will only lead to confrontation and escalation on all issues.

“If it was NATO that promised, I would have considered it. If there was a UN mandate, I would say that, probably, we can assume something. But I don’t remember a situation where the European Union expelled limited troops. I only know that the European Union applies sanctions when it doesn’t like something. And the European Union will definitely not help Armenia with sanctions against Azerbaijan. I believe that hope for the European Union is a deception of the Armenian people, and whoever is trying to implant into the people the idea that it is better in the European Union should spill the beans and tell what Armenian goods will be sold in the European Union and how Armenians of the diaspora will be employed in the European Union.

This will be an honest and frank conversation. I don’t see a single politician in the European Union who will be capable of negotiating. Working with the European Union will only lead to confrontation and increased escalation in all issues associated with the difficult relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan,” Sergienko said.