Karen Bekaryan: Pashinyan has fears

June 15 2024, 12:26


Pashinyan has fears, political scientist Karen Bekaryan told Alpha News

“I do not know if it is correct to characterize Pashinyan’s fear as irrational or if it is very rational. In other words, the fact that there are fears and that these fears are continuous is a reality. Pashinyan has constantly tried to take advantage of various dividing lines in different areas. That is, he promoted various dividing lines in the political field in every possible way to divide people rather than make them fight against him and his policy,” he said.

Bekaryan asked a rhetorical question: should the current situation cause fear?  
“Should this cause fear? There is no culture of normal democratic dialogue at all, let’s leave aside all the statements, Pashinyan and the Civil Contract have nothing to do with that culture. So, it begins and ends with having fears,” Karen Bekaryan concluded.