Karen Kocharyan: Unfortunately, Armenia is no longer a subject

March 02 2024, 11:25


Management of processes and resistance to processes does not even depend on Armenia; it depends on geopolitical forces, political strategist Karen Kocharyan told Alpha News.

“It was clear from the moment when the game was revealed that the three-year peace plan and the crossroads of peace were a baloon that burst when Aliyev announced that Azerbaijan would not withdraw its troops. It became clear that there will be processes, and not too far in the future. Unfortunately, Armenia has not been a subject for a long time. Management of processes and resistance to processes do not even depend on Armenia. It depends on geopolitical forces—all of them, not only Russia or the USA,” Kocharyan said.

According to him, besides Russia, Iran and Turkey are also serious players in the South Caucasus.

“It is clear that both Iran and Turkey are also quite serious players in this region. The final outcome will depend, I believe, not on the events taking place in the South Caucasus or even in the Middle East, but on the global process that started about 10 or more years ago and is approaching its logical end. I’m talking about Russia-Ukraine as well as Russia-West relations,” he said.

Karen Kocharyan also noted that it is easy to manipulate Armenian society.

“The South Caucasus has been an area of Russia’s interest for many centuries. I do not think that Russia will give up its interests so easily. As for the fact that it scares the Armenian people, well, it turned out that Armenia, which has a rather serious pro-Russian society, lost these pro-Russian sentiments over the past three years; that’s a fact. Our society is now suffering from public autism.

In this case, society changes its mind so easily: from pro-Russian to pro-Western, then from pro-Western to pro-Iranian or pro-Indian. Now it is so easy to manipulate this society that it can become pro-Russian with the same success. It is not good for us to become a republic within some state. It’s bad because we are losing our sovereignty,” Kocharyan concluded.