Lara Yeritsian: An Armenian who says Artsakh is not Armenian land is not a real Armenian

March 29 2024, 13:05


We see today the state of Armenia without Artsakh. Artsakh was a defense zone for us, we have lost that zone and we are all worried that tomorrow we will lose Armenia as well, Lara Yeritsian, criminal and civil lawyer at Yeritsian Law, told Alpha News.

According to her, Armenia cannot be strong without Artsakh.

“There is no Armenia without Artsakh, and there cannot be Artsakh without Armenia. Yes, now we have lost Artsakh, but I hope that it will be ours again. As if someone cuts off a part of their body and says that it is not theirs. Artsakh is a part of our identity and our history, and I cannot accept that Artsakh is not ours. It is unacceptable for the Diaspora.

The people of Armenia should decide whether to oppose the government or not. The struggle of the Diaspora is different. The Diaspora has always been a backbone for Armenia, and at the same time, Armenia has been a backbone for the Diaspora,” Yeritsian noted.