Macron’s statements are political mantras, expert says

February 23 2024, 12:37

Opinion | Politics

Sergey Fedorov, leading researcher at the Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences and expert on France, commented to Alpha News on new statements by French President Emmanuel Macron regarding assistance to Armenia.

According to the expert, Macron’s statements are political mantras that are not backed up by any possibilities.

“Will France help supply Armenia with weapons or send its volunteers to fight against Azerbaijan? Of course not. So, these are all just political statements. It is clear that Macron supports Armenia more. He does not like Azerbaijan; he criticizes it for not being democratic. Macron’s statements supporting Armenia are an attempt to play the role of mediator in this acute conflict, which, unfortunately, has not yet been completely resolved. I do not think that France has much opportunity to intervene more significantly in resolving this conflict.

Moreover, it was Pashinyan who practically surrendered Nagorno-Karabakh, so there’s no use crying over spilled milk. Armenia, apparently, needs this support and is pleased that France always supports it,” Fedorov said.