Marianna Shahparonyan presents her book of poems to Cypriot Armenians

November 24 2023, 22:24

Armenians | Education

Marianna Shahparonyan, the poet and author of the book ‘Towards Armenia’, met with the Armenian community of Nicosia in Cyprus. The meeting was held at the invitation of the National Center for Literature and Culture of Cyprus.

The Armenian community of Cyprus warmly received the poet and highly appreciated her poems dedicated to the homeland.

During the event, one of the young people representing the community read the poems of the Shahparonyan, translated into Greek.

“We have an accomplished and gifted community in Cyprus, which, living far from its homeland, spares no effort and energy to preserve the Armenian identity and educate future patriotic generations. I consider the work they have done exemplary in this regard. I am proud and very glad that I visited this community and presented my book of poems ‘Towards Armenia’ to the Cypriot Armenians,” Shahparonyan said.

During the tour of Cyprus, the poet visited the Holy Mother of God Cathedral in Nicosia, as well as a monument symbolizing the friendship between Armenia and Cyprus.

Marianna Shahparonyan pays frequent visits to the Diaspora.

The presentation of ‘Towards Armenia’ will soon take place in Barcelona, Spain.