Mike Sarian: We are facing the danger of losing Armenia

March 02 2024, 10:28

Opinion | Politics

Armenians in the US must establish good relations with both the Republican and Democratic parties, Mike Sarian, a public figure, philanthropist and doctor, told Alpha News.

“We have a small community in the US; 2.5 million Armenians live here. In California, where there are 900 thousand Armenians, as well as in New Jersey, Michigan, and Massachusetts, we can play a certain role and change something in the election, but there are still not many of us. In other words, we are not like Jews; 20 million Jews can change the election results. For that, we need to have good relations with both the Republican and Democratic parties. I, myself, have established good relations with Robert Kennedy Jr.,” Mike Sarian said.

According to Sarian, there should be a new person in the election since Biden and Trump are not very good candidates.

“As you know, the Kennedys are a well-known family. They love Armenians and have always stood by Armenians. I believe it is more suitable to have a third person. We, the Armenians, must establish good relations with Kennedy, and he has announced that he will stand by Armenians for the security of Armenia and the return of the people of Artsakh. I said that a statement should be made in this regard because this topic is important for us. As a friend of Armenia and Armenians, I advised Kennedy to speak about the inviolability of Armenia; not even one meter should be given to the enemy. It is Armenian land, which belongs to Armenians,” he said.

Sarian warned: Today we are facing the danger of losing Armenia.

“The Azerbaijanis should step back. America should tell them to step back. Artsakh belongs to Armenians. It never belonged to Azerbaijan; even during the Soviet Union, these lands did not belong to Azerbaijan. Why should we give those lands to the Azerbaijanis when more than 100 thousand people are in a pitiful situation in Armenia?

Genocide is an important topic for us, but I believe today’s issue is equal to the issue of Genocide. It is a matter of life and death, and now we are facing the danger of losing Armenia,” Sarian concluded.