Mikhail Shakhnazarov: Armenia is now going through the most shameful period in its history

April 16 2024, 11:45

Opinion | Politics

Speaking with Alpha News, Russian journalist and media manager Mikhail Shakhnazarov noted that when ‘corrupt nobodies’ come to power, countries cease to exist.

“He certainly understands everything perfectly, but he does not know how to play political games. He only knows how to play behind the scenes, and this is not equivalent to political games. He understands perfectly well that even if he surrenders the villages, there will still be a war. It’s just that he will gradually open the Overton windows, first smaller ones, then larger ones, and then he will open the gates to hell. That’s it. First, he will surrender villages, and the public will say that he is a peacemaker. Then he will surrender something else, and then he will surrender all of Armenia. How can you surrender your native land, which is watered with the blood of your ancestors? Although I doubt that such a nobody like him could have heroic ancestors. Well, if not a traitor, then who is he after this?

In my opinion, Armenia is now going through the most shameful period in history in its entire existence. The worst thing is that I honestly don’t see a way out. I will speak using the example of the Baltic republics of the Soviet Union. Look what they have become; they are practically gone. If they were friends with Russia, they could simply do nothing and replenish the budget through the transit of fertilizers and oil. But it was Pashinyan’s ‘colleagues’ who came to power there—the kind of guys who aim to destroy the country.

These are people completely without conscience, without a sense of duty, and without a sense of homeland. They influence people by playing on national identity. In Latvia, they also played wisely. They began to push the idea of Latvianness, and in the end, they fooled the whole nation with this idea. I say seriously, complete poverty now reigns in the Baltic countries, and this is what will happen to Armenia in the near future,” Shakhnazarov emphasized.