Mourad Papazian: Tavush for the Homeland should save the interests of Armenia and the Armenian people

May 25 2024, 12:10


These authorities have never protected Armenia’s interests, Mourad Papazian, ARF Bureau member and co-chair of the Coordination Council of Armenian Organizations in France, told Alpha News.

“We support Tavush for the Homeland movement led by Bagrat Srbazan, his steps because this is a sacred struggle. This is an independent struggle. This struggle should save the interests of Armenia and the Armenian people. This movement is leading to a change of power because the authorities did not protect Armenia’s interests. This movement is national and pure,” Papazian said.

He said that he met with the leader of the movement and shared his impressions.

“I met Srbazan for the first time yesterday, but before that, I followed his speeches and his position. Srbazan calls on us to rediscover ourselves in national solidarity, in the unity between the Diaspora and Armenia, while not forgetting Artsakh and the Artsakh people. This is directly opposite to the policy pursued by Nikol Pashinyan, who divides us into those who are in the country and those who are abroad, into Artsakh people and residents of Armenia. We must unite. Only with national solidarity and unity can we make the movement succeed,” Mourad Papazian said.