Mourad Papazian: Turkey is in the west and Azerbaijan is in the east, they are Turkish forces that want to destroy Armenia

April 20 2024, 10:30


Today we lost Artsakh, soon it will be Armenia, Mourad Papazian, co-chair of the Coordination Council of Armenian Organizations in France, said in an interview with Alpha News.

“All this was expected because this step corresponds to Nikol Pashinyan’s compliant policy. For many years, we have been trying to explain to the public that Pashinyan’s plan is to concede to Azerbaijan and Turkey. Today we know that Aliyev and Erdogan have decided to get their hands on Armenia together, with Pashinyan’s consent. When we defended Artsakh, we always said that we were not only defending Artsakh Armenians but also Armenia, because Artsakh is Armenia’s shield.

We have to fight for the Armenian people to return to Artsakh. Today we lost Artsakh; soon it will be Armenia. The people of Armenia should be concerned about Pashinyan’s policy. Pashinyan is pursuing anti-Armenian policy, and we must really reject it, oppose it, and take to the streets,” Mourad Papazian said.

According to him, the goal of Aliyev and Erdogan is to bring Armenia to its knees, with Pashinyan being their tool.

“Pashinyan is a tool for conducting anti-Russian policy in Armenia and weakening Russia’s position in the Caucasus. Russia was Armenia’s security. Turkey is in the west, and Azerbaijan is in the east. They are Turkish forces that want to destroy Armenia. When Pashinyan came to power, he became pro-Western. Of course, a part of the West or Europe, especially France, favors Armenia and Artsakh, but the reality is that today France is the only country in the West that favors Armenia. The other forces that are part of NATO and on the side of the US depend on Turkey, because that country is the second military force of NATO, and we know very well that Turkey and Azerbaijan do not want peace with Armenia. They want to get hands on Armenia,” he said.

He disclosed the details of his conversation with the French leadership, who said that the West would not protect Armenia in the event of Azerbaijan’s attack.

“I spoke with the French leadership. I asked if the West would send troops to Armenia in case of Azerbaijan’s attack. The answer was no. The West is not able to protect Armenia today,” Mourad Papazian concluded.