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7 portraits from the history of the Armenian people: The Lazaryans

September 18 2023, 23:00

At the end of the 18th century, the influential Armenian dynasty in the Russian Empire, which became a bridge between East and West, created the foundations of one of the world’s treasuries of knowledge, the Russian school of Oriental Studies. Thanks to their educational and diplomatic activities, the Lazaryans managed to bring the issue of the restoration of Armenian statehood to the agenda of the Russian Empire.
In today’s building of the Armenian Embassy in Russia, the Armenian Yeghiazaryans –Lazaryans – founded the Lazaryan Seminary in 1815, which was to become a state-recognized educational center for studying Oriental languages and the history of Eastern peoples.

In the new season of Alpha News, the famous scientist, Professor Ruben Melkonyan presents the glorious path of the legendary Lazaryan family in the series 7 portraits from the history of the Armenian people.

Who are the Lazaryans and what does their activity suggest to us in this geopolitical turmoil?