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Brussels price: €270 mln. Moscow’s response. Threat to Turkey. AlphaNewsroom 04/05/2024

April 05 2024, 21:00

Today in Alpha Newsroom:

🔹West promises Pashinyan 270 million euros

🔹Hakob Badalyan: Real price of Brussels agreements

🔹Gleb Kuznetsov: What will happen if Armenia fails to fulfill EU and US demands?

🔹Konstantin Zatulin: Impossible to protect Nagorno-Karabakh if Armenia abandoned it

🔹Vitaly Tretyakov: Pashinyan’s policy is wrong and dangerous

🔹Baku’s response: “Another source of danger is being created for the South Caucasus”

🔹 Tiran Lokmagyozyan: Internal and external threats to Turkey