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‘I asked my husband, did someone die? Hearing his answer, the kids started crying’: Margarita Ghushunts

November 13 2023, 21:30

“At 6:30 am, with a pen and paper, I signed the people up for the line for meat. I also had to get meat and I was 49th in line. There were people who came earlier than me, at 4 or 5 am,” Stepanakert resident and news columnist Margarita Ghushunts tells Alpha News.

“We have a big family. I had to manage to get meat, ask someone to give me bread for tomorrow, and manage to go on air,” says Margarita.

“It was 11:15 am when my turn for bread came. My son is in first grade, and I ran after him because the parent group chats had already written that we should pick up the children from school early because there is danger. It was reported that alarm number one was given,” says Margarita, noting that her 7-month-old daughter was born during the blockade, and the girl is jokingly called “Blockadina.”

“On September 20, my husband arrived. He lost weight in just a few hours. I asked, did someone die? He replied that three of our good friends died at once. The children heard this and started crying loudly,” says Margarita.