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‘My Aren has not reached home yet when he heard a first blast’: Gohar Sargsyan

November 08 2023, 22:30

Gohar Sargsyan, who worked as a teacher at the school named after Ashot Ghulyan, told Alpha News about the last hours spent at the school.

“That day, as usual, we all went to school. I am a homeroom teacher, so my class had an English lesson. I decided to relax a bit and have a cup of coffee. Suddenly, one of our teachers came in and said that they had a call from the preschool and that the situation was tense and they needed to pick up the children. I have always been an optimist and did not believe such talks, but this time my heart skipped a beat and I was scared.”

Gohar ran to the class and, in a quiet voice—so that the children would not hear—told another teacher about what she had heard.

Gohar’s two children also studied at the same school. They were heading home when they heard blasts.