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Preliminary delimitation in Tavush. Armenia and Russia are still allies. Aliyev will travel to Moscow. AlphaNewsroom 04/19/2024

April 19 2024, 21:00

Today in Alpha Newsroom:

🔹 Armenia-Azerbaijan border delimitation commission meeting: preliminary agreement on delimitation in Tavush

🔹 Mourad Papazian: Pashinyan is preparing to bring Armenians to their knees

🔹Sergey Lavrov: We are still allies with Armenia

🔹Vadim Arutyunov: Now I hear the same from Yerevan as from Istanbul

🔹 Zhpit Melkonyan: Turkey cannot be absolved of responsibility

🔹Ruben Melkonyan: The real Turkey has a historical Turkey, which is the Ottoman Empire

🔹 Ruben Vardanyan on hunger strike in Baku jail