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‘Soldiers were bombarded for 24 hours, but they did not surrender’: spouses from Artsakh

October 16 2023, 11:25

It was not so long ago that the spouses, Svetlana Poghosyan and Boris Asryan, were residents of the village of Karmir Shuka. According to Svetlana, even now, she still considers herself a local resident.
Svetlana was a nurse during all the Artsakh wars. However, during the last war, it was her life that she had to save.

In an interview with Alpha News, the spouses said that at first they lost contact with each other. Boris had no information for 24 hours about his wife’s whereabouts or whether she was even alive. Then he was informed about her location. It turned out to be the village that the Azerbaijanis invaded. Fortunately, at the time of their invasion, the woman and other residents were in the lower part of the village and managed to escape. Svetlana walked 11 kilometers along the retreat path.

The son of Svetlana and Boris worked as a rescuer in Artsakh in those days. The spouses stayed in Artsakh until October 5; they have left just recently. Two neighbors who joined them suddenly died on the way.

“They said they weren’t feeling well, got out of the car, and died… This was our neighbor who never complained in her life that she was hurting somewhere,” the spouses said.