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‘When I left the basement, I found out that the body of my brother was in the nearest morgue’: Artsakh exodus #18

November 03 2023, 12:05

Tatevik Zakaryan, the teacher at the Department of Law at Artsakh State University, opens up about everything she has seen from the window of her house in Stepanakert.

“As daylight broke, the sounds of gunshots intensified. We did not need to read the news to understand what was happening. It was crystal clear that the Turks were already in Stepanakert; they were on the next street near our house. I decided to leave the basement to at least cook an omelet for the kid. I was in the room when the sounds of gunfire were heard closer and louder. I decided to take a look. From the window of my house, I saw the Turk trying to kill the Armenian, the last one standing,” Tatevik tells Alpha News.

She remembers how difficult it was to leave Artsakh in 2020 and how difficult it is to play the hero when you have children, since you are responsible for them too.

“After the war of 2020, we returned to Artsakh, but we asked ourselves if we were doing the right thing with the destinies of our children. We will return; we will live and create again, but only if the Turks are far from us and from our country,” Tatevik says.