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Will Azerbaijan repudiate the Shushi Declaration?

January 24 2024, 17:21


We have long crossed the Rubicon, beyond which the authorities very often try to manipulate public opinion. However, there are so many lies that cannot be hidden anymore.

1. On January 19, Nikol Pashinyan stated that Armenia must have a Constitution adopted by the people of the Republic of Armenia with the results of a vote that does not give rise to doubts. “We must have a Constitution that makes the Republic of Armenia more competitive and more viable in the new geopolitical and regional conditions.”

2. Already on January 22, Daniel Ioannisyan, Programs Coordinator of the “Union of Informed Citizens” NGO, stated the following: “The main argument by which Aliyev justifies his aggression against Armenia is the revanchist sentiments of Armenians based on the Declaration of Independence of Armenia, to which there is a reference in the Constitution of the country. In fact, with this, Azerbaijani diplomacy is trying to legitimize its future aggression against Armenia, trying to justify its aggression committed on the territory of Armenia on September 22.

By doing this, Azerbaijan is trying to prevent other countries from supplying weapons to Armenia, as it is trying to create the impression that the weapons will be used for revanchism. (…) Azerbaijani diplomacy outside Armenia repeats this narrative so much that it can succeed. In this regard, what Nikol Pashinyan is trying to do is show that Armenia has no revanchist intentions at all, thereby weakening Azerbaijan’s very dangerous thesis. Maybe this is my assumption, considering the references in the preamble of the constitution.”

In other words, just three days after Pashinyan’s statements about the need to change the Constitution due to “geopolitical realities”, the true motives that prompted Pashinyan to do it were revealed on Armenian Public Television. Pashinyan meets the demands of Azerbaijan and Turkiye. Recall that back in 2021, Aliyev openly voiced this demand against Armenia.

It is also worth recalling another statement by Pashinyan: “Armenia and Azerbaijan seek mutual guarantees that they have no territorial claims against each other.”

If Pashinyan suggests considering this process in the context of presenting “mutual guarantees to each other,” then the question arises: is Azerbaijan ready to make such claims?

Recall that the Shushi Declaration noted the following:

“The parties note that the opening of the corridor [Zangezur Corridor] between the western regions of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic of Azerbaijan and the construction of the Nakhchivan-Kars railway as a continuation of this corridor will make an important contribution to the intensification of transport and communication between the two countries.”

Will Azerbaijan and Turkiye change their strategic intentions after the adoption of the new Constitution in Armenia? The answer is obvious.

We are dealing with the substitution of concepts here. The Armenian nation, as a single political community, is fighting for Artsakh and the recognition of the Armenian Genocide not because of the provisions in the Declaration of Independence but because it is we who prescribed it in the Declaration of Independence and other documents.

If Pashinyan removes all references to Artsakh from any documents and even legally prohibits the use of the political term Republic of Artsakh, this is not a guarantee that this issue will not be raised in the future. This is also clear to official Baku, which sees as a guarantee for its security not a change in the Armenian Constitution but the dissolution of Armenia itself. Because if there is no Armenia, there is no entity that can fight for Artsakh or for the recognition of the Genocide. Erdogan and Aliyev are leading us all to this end point.

Think about it…