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Will Nikol Pashinyan congratulate Ilham Aliyev on his re-election?

February 07 2024, 16:25

As you know, the snap presidential election is scheduled in Azerbaijan on February 7. This will be the ninth presidential election in the country and the second snap election in a row. The latest election was held in April 2018.

Back in January, we noted that Ilham Aliyev would go to the election with a new political program aimed at turning Armenia into “Western Azerbaijan”. All the developments around the Armenian-Azerbaijani talks, as well as the developments within Armenia itself, only confirm this truth.

In this context, we should ask: Is a new military escalation expected after the snap presidential election in Azerbaijan? The American strategic intelligence company Stratfor helps us answer this question.

According to the forecast of the American company, after his re-election on February 7, Ilham Aliyev will continue to build up military potential on the border with Armenia to prepare for a possible invasion in the second half of 2024.

It can be said that Stratfor’s forecast reiterates what Nikol Pashinyan “allegedly warns everyone” about: the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan is very likely.

At the same time, Nikol Pashinyan continues to convince the Armenian public that the only way to avoid war is to change the Constitution, abandon the Declaration of Independence, and then “peace will come”, with Azerbaijan recognizing the sovereignty of Armenia and the territorial integrity of Armenia within 29,800 sq km.

But what does the Stratfor say about this? According to American forecasts, Pashinyan, who declares that “the corridor will never pass through Armenia,” will be forced to provide the corridor to Azerbaijan in 2024, as well as make concessions to Baku during the territorial delimitation process, regardless of whether the Constitution of Armenia has been changed or not.

This, in turn, means that all the actions of the current Armenian authorities indicate that the country is gradually, step by step, following the path of self-dissolution. It is also important to understand that, realizing that it is impossible to get away with what happened in Artsakh and Armenia, the authorities are trying to “destroy the plaintiff”, who may later hold accountable the political team that led all of us to a geopolitical and historical catastrophe. By saying “plaintiff”, we mean the Republic of Armenia.

Today, Pashinyan is protected from the “lawsuit of the Republic of Armenia” by Aliyev’s threats against the people of Armenia and by the fact that Nikol Pashinyan himself, “selling fear”, is trying to keep the people of Armenia in a state of stress and tension. Do you think that Aliyev’s service is not worth Nikol Pashinyan congratulating him on his re-election?

Think about it…