Rafael Megall’s painting on display at Kampa Museum in Prague

April 01 2024, 18:40


On March 23, the ‘Preparing for Darkness’ exhibition was opened at the Kampa Museum in Prague, with the works of 13 famous artists and sculptors from the Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Romania, Hungary, Austria, China, and Armenia displayed.

Armenia was represented by the honored artist of the republic, Rafael Megall (Melikyan).

The works of artists exhibited in prestigious European galleries were selected for the 8th exhibition of this series, curated by Uwe Goldenstein. As the curator notes, the choice was the works of contemporary art, the authors of which show an intellectual approach while creating.

Rafael Megall presented one of the paintings from the 2023 series dedicated to monkeys, ‘Primal Reveries: Turbulent Discussion’.