Relying on France is catastrophe, expert says 

February 23 2024, 09:50

Opinion | Politics

Speaking with Alpha News, political scientist Stevan Gajic commented on French President Emmanuel Macron’s new promises to Armenia.

According to the expert, France sees Armenia as a means to exploit its goals.

“I think France sees Armenia as a means to exploit its goals. Since Russia has lost its influence in Armenia, France is trying to intervene. I believe that, in general, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s policy was and is absolutely catastrophic for Armenians. After the mass expulsion of Armenians from Karabakh, I don’t know how he is still holding office. France will fulfill part of its promise, and Armenia will receive some equipment, but it will all be tactical equipment.
Strategically, quitting the Collective Security Treaty Organization is a disaster for Armenia.

Azerbaijan understands that a new world is being built, and one of the main slogans of this new world is decolonization. Azerbaijan absolutely correctly uses this word as one of its strategic directions. So I believe Armenia is in a very bad state right now because of the circumstances. On the one hand, Russia itself missed the situation in the 2000s. However, with Pashinyan, it has become even worse. We see that catastrophic decisions are being made one after another,” Gajic said.

According to the political scientist, Armenia should not place any special hopes on France.

“You should not hope that anyone in France remembers Charles Aznavour or that the Armenian diaspora will do something. There is also a large Armenian diaspora in the United States, but in essence, the United States supported Azerbaijan on the Karabakh issue. I think that the situation is very complicated and very sad because Armenia is left alone in the region. There are no allies except potential Iran. Relying on France is a catastrophe because it has a lot of its own problems, and now it just wants to step on Russia’s toes,” Gajic concluded.