Robert Ustyan: Armenia will eventually be with Russia

February 28 2024, 10:10

Opinion | Politics

 Speaking with Alpha News, political scientist Robert Ustyan commented on Turkey’s latest statements regarding Armenia.

According to the expert, the conflict in Ukraine and the situation in the South Caucasus are very closely connected today.

“Turkey and Azerbaijan are in a hurry and want the opening of this corridor as soon as possible because they understand that Armenia is now in a very vulnerable and weak position. From what I observe, including the Turkish media, it is clear that the situations in the South Caucasus and the situation in Ukraine are very closely linked. It can be seen very clearly that the more Russia strengthens itself in Ukraine, the more Baku and Ankara realize that Russia will return to the South Caucasus region and they will not be able to do whatever they want.

Now they understand that while Russia is busy there in Ukraine, they can bargain for everything on their own terms in Armenia. In this regard, it is very important for them, discussing as little as possible, to force Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan to make certain concessions on their terms. So, it is necessary to clearly understand that the conflict in Ukraine and the state of affairs in the South Caucasus today are very closely connected,” the expert said.

According to the political scientist, Armenia, like it or not, will eventually be with Russia in terms of ensuring security.

“We can say a lot that Armenia today has problematic relations with Russia, but everyone understands perfectly well that when things reach the extreme, when there is a clear division in this region, then Armenia, like it or not, will eventually be with Russia in terms of ensuring security. Today, there are fewer and fewer places on the map where you can fish in troubled waters. There is a zero-sum game in international relations,” Ustyan noted.

“We say a lot that Armenia has weakened its positions and very rarely admit, especially in Russia, that what happened in Nagorno-Karabakh directly affects Russia’s positions. This is also a very serious loss of influence for Moscow. Therefore, here is an attempt to catch up and secure success,” Ustyan concluded.