Russia’s fears are absolutely justified, expert on Maria Zakharova’s statement 

April 20 2024, 14:40


Researcher at the Institute of European Studies Stevan Gajić commented to Alpha News on Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova’s statement that Russia expects a clear response from Armenia after the leaked information about military and political agreements with the US and the EU in Brussels.

According to the expert, Russia’s fears are absolutely justified.

“Russia’s fears are justified because the European Union has shown itself over the past two and a half years as the political wing of NATO. In addition, the power of Germany within the EU is rapidly decreasing, and its place is being taken by France, which at the same time lost its huge mega-colonial kingdom in Africa. We see that there is a certain retreat of Russia in the South Caucasus. That is, the departure of Russian peacekeepers from Karabakh cannot, of course, be called a victory. I believe that the European Union and actually NATO are trying to seize the moment to push Russia out of this region. The Russian Foreign Ministry’s assumptions are absolutely justified, because everything speaks only in this favor,” Gajić said.

According to the political scientist, Pashinyan is hiding a lot from his people.

“We will learn about the results of the meeting in Brussels, judging by their consequences. We see that Armenian Prime Minister Pashinyan is hiding a lot from his people. At the same time, he creates many unpleasant surprises for Armenia. I think the worst thing is to get involved with France, which is simultaneously losing its colonial kingdom in Africa, or rather, has almost lost it. France is simply trying to do harm to Russia,” Gajić concluded.