Sarig Armenian: We must all go out and support the people of Tavush

April 24 2024, 13:40

Opinion | Politics

The US federal law will make it possible to impose sanctions on more than 40 Azerbaijani officials, Sarig Armenian, a lawyer and board member of the Armenian Legal Center for Justice and Human Rights, told Alpha News.

“America has a federal law called the Magnitsky Act. It will make it possible to impose sanctions against people who incite wars and violate human rights. We have opened a center for international and relative rights, where we have prepared applications about more than 40 Azerbaijani officials for the US Secretary of State and the Department of the Treasury.

We will show with clear facts and arguments what crimes these 40 officials have committed, including human rights violations. These facts must be examined and a decision must be made in 180 days. Our goal is for the decision to be positive and for those Azerbaijani officials to be sanctioned. If the Biden administration suddenly decides not to apply sanctions, it will have to explain to us why this decision was negative. In case of sanctions, the assets of those 40 people will be frozen, their visas will be canceled, and the whole world will know that these people are not acceptable,” Armenian said.

She also expressed concerns over the events in Tavush.

“We are all concerned, and we see what is happening in Tavush at the moment. My relatives living in Armenia are also alarmed and express support for the people of Tavush. The thing is that we all have to go out and support our compatriots. The struggle is outside. You have to go out and fight. If we, the Armenians, be it from Armenia or the Diaspora, do not raise our voice of protest, the Biden administration or the main states of the region will think that we agree with all this and we do not protest,” she said.