Teresa Mkhitaryan: Turks will guard the Yerevan-Noyemberyan road from three places, let’s see who will go down this road

March 27 2024, 11:10

Opinion | Politics

We are now in a position where we can do something to prevent these evil plans from happening, President of the Germoglio Association Teresa Mkhitaryan told Alpha News.

According to her, everything must be done to help Tavush so that it can get out of this difficult situation as long as there is a chance.

“There are situations where you can’t change anything anymore. We are now in a position where we can do something to prevent these evil plans from happening, to find the right solutions to get out of this situation. First of all, we have to understand what the enemy needs and what the Turks are trying to achieve through the so-called Nikols. The Turks and the Nikols work together, don’t they?

We have the strongest border line in Tavush, positional advantages over the Turks. We had a fantastic command during the time of Grigory Khachaturov; our positions have strengthened, and we have advantages in many places. This means that if suddenly, for example, the Turks attack, Tavush will serve as a constraining factor, the place from which we can counterattack the Turks,” Teresa Mkhitaryan said.

According to her, if the authorities give these territories to the enemy, this will disrupt the defensive line of Tavush.

“If those territories that the Nikols want to give now are surrendered, our front line, so to speak, collapses. This means that Tavush’s defensive line collapses if those territories are surrendered. The Turks want to enter Tavush without automatic weapons and without casualties. In other words, the same scenario has already happened in Syunik.

Nikol said the same things in Syunik; the devil has no imagination, he shows the same working style everywhere. In Syunik, the authorities also said that there was no need to fight for that mountain and that lake. And what did they do? They handed over the most important positions to the Turks; they want to do the same thing in Tavush, so that the whole of Armenia will weaken and the defense will weaken,” Mkhitaryan noted with regret.

The second important problem that Teresa Mkhitaryan mentioned is that the gas pipeline entering Armenia from Georgia may come under the control of the enemy.

“They are doing what they did in Artsakh. The main gas pipeline of Armenia will pass under Turkish control, do you understand? This means that they will turn off or turn on the gas whenever they want. Armenia may end up in total collapse, just like Artsakh. When I went to work in Switzerland for the first time, I was told that if you are deceived once, it is not your fault; if you are deceived a second time, it is already your fault. If they continue to deceive us several times in the same way, it means we really have some kind of brain problem as a nation,” Teresa Mkhitaryan said.

She also noted that by surrendering roads, Armenia will end up under blockade.

“The third question is that they want to solve the road problem. Armenia is slowly getting under blockade. The Turks will guard the Yerevan-Noyemberyan road from three places; let’s see who will go down this road. No one will,” Teresa Mkhitaryan concluded.