The people of Armenia were brainwashed like the people of Ukraine – Mikhail Shahnazarov

May 25 2024, 11:18


Speaking with Alpha News, Russian journalist and media manager Mikhail Shahnazarov shared his observations of the protests in Armenia and also gave a disappointing forecast regarding the surrender of more and more territories to Azerbaijan by the Armenian authorities.

“You know, I remember when I visited Armenian families as a child, I paid attention to the portrait of Catholicos Vazgen. The portrait was in almost every apartment. I was baptized in Orthodoxy, so when I was little, I asked, Who is this? They explained to me that this is the head of the Armenian Gregorian Church, Catholicos Vagen. Respect for the leader of the Armenian church was boundless. Over time, as I understand it, the process of education and the process of conveying some immutable truths to young people failed, thanks to people like Pashinyan. If he allows himself to address a clergyman like that… I have seen his entourage… These are people who in no way represent the Armenian people,” Shahnazarov said.

According to him, this suggests that Pashinyan and his team believe that it is possible to treat clergy disrespectfully.

“So, he understands that somewhere this attitude towards clergy can be tolerated. How else can this be explained? I am sure that if in Soviet times someone had treated priests like this, they would have been confronted very quickly. Very quickly. However, now the Prime Minister makes frankly boorish statements. He allows himself to behave like this,” Shahnazarov noted.

According to him, the Armenian people have too much patience, and it stems from the fact that the people’s consciousness is being actively manipulated.

“If the Armenian people tolerate this, then I have a question: how limitless is this patience? Now he went, he really went against the saint.

I would advise the Armenians who side with him to watch videos from Ukraine. Remember how they shouted that they would defend Lavra? Remember how Alexander Usik, a famous boxer, said that he would bravely defend it? Now he bravely defends completely different symbols and ideas. Did they defend Lavra? No. Lavra has been desecrated,” he said.

“Pashinyan realized that he had caught his game. He thinks that he can be forgiven for this and that. He was forgiven for flirting with Azerbaijan, for cowardly behavior in relations with Azerbaijan, for his meanness, for his arrogance, which means people will forgive him for this too. This is what he thinks. By the way, you know, no one says that after these statements, he will simply be torn to pieces in some square. Well, in principle, I understand that this is not politically correct, but where is the faith of the Armenian people if they allow this?

There will be aggression (by Azerbaijan). And there will be serious aggression. I have repeatedly said that these people that are put at the head of, well, small states like Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Moldova, and Armenia don’t give a damn about their people, they don’t give a damn about territory, and they don’t give a damn about anything. The thirst for profit leads them to a complete victory over the Christian faith, the traditional family, culture, and all values. Soros taught them this way. Now Soros’ son, Alexander, will teach them. Continue dad’s business.

So, these villages are just the beginning. The statements that two CSTO countries were preparing an intervention by Azerbaijan are also the same thing. He is lying. He is lying to set the people of Armenia against Russia. And the people of Armenia were brainwashed no worse than the people of Ukraine,” Shahnazarov emphasized.

Referring to the hints about Russia’s betrayal of Armenia’s interests, he called on the accusers to “learn the material and listen less to overseas supervisors and their textbooks.”

“You are surrounded by Azerbaijan, Turkey, and far from friendly Georgia. How can you shout that the enemy is Russia? Well, read history for God’s sake. Read history in comics, at least. No need to dive so deep.

When such statements are made, it would be good to look at the evidence, which he does not have. He behaves like a gossip girl. ‘I have information!’ Okay, then provide it. Do you know where the information came from? From MI6. They simply told him: Go tell him that Russia and Belarus helped Azerbaijan prepare an intervention against you. He did it. For him, MI6 is an authority, of course, and a tool to influence him. He is trembling before them like a leaf,” Shahnazarov concluded.10:47