Tigran Kocharyan: There was both a guest house and a restaurant on the way to Karvachar, why did Nikol surrender it?

March 22 2024, 13:36


Pashinyan’s unilateral concessions will lead to the collapse of statehood, and I am not sure that he will have the right to live freely and independently in this territory, said Alpha News editor-in-chief and media expert Tigran Kocharyan.

“Moreover, we can see the sequence of steps in the Azerbaijanis’ statements. For example, a few days ago, the Azerbaijani former foreign minister stated that Armenia does not have the right to use the water resources of Sevan alone, since it is very important for the region and the world, and that the use of Sevan should be shared with Azerbaijan. In other words, the issues of Sevan and Syunik may also arise, then the Azerbaijanis will be settled on the territory of Armenia, and Pashinyan’s ‘red berets’ will defend their rights until the Azerbaijanis settle in here,” Kocharyan said.

Commenting on Nikol Pashinyan’s statement that there are no shops, restaurants, and hotels on the section from Kirants to Baganis, and people know that there is a problem there, the media expert said:

“On the way to Karvachar, there was a guest house, a restaurant, and a cafe where Nikol Pashinyan stopped and ate several times. Why did he surrender Karvachar if everything was there? Pashinyan loves to manipulate, but he forgets what he said earlier.”