US State Department: The use of force is unacceptable, direct dialogue is important for the resolution of the conflict

October 17 2023, 17:45


The United States is “deeply concerned” about the unresolved political, economic, humanitarian and security issues between Armenia and Azerbaijan, the US State Department said.

“We continue to call on the leaders of the two countries to achieve a dignified and lasting peace in which the rights of all will be respected,” the State Department spokesperson said.

“As we have already said, the use of force is unacceptable, and direct dialogue is of important significance for the resolution of this long lasting conflict,” the State Department spokesperson told the Washington correspondent of the Turan news agency.

“We continue to support the Armenian government’s efforts to help the displaced find shelter and comfort in Armenia in close cooperation with humanitarian organizations.

We express our empathy to the displaced persons, realizing the shock and trauma they are going through, and what uncertainty they are facing,” the State Department spokesperson added.