Vasily Koltashov: Azerbaijan, having been caught providing military supplies to Ukraine, puts itself among those responsible for the terrorist attack in Moscow

March 26 2024, 10:04

Opinion | Politics

Speaking with Alpha News, political scientist Vasily Koltashov commented on the news that Azerbaijan is supplying weapons to Ukraine.

According to the expert, the Azerbaijani leadership is playing a very dangerous game and now poses a threat to Russia.

“Azerbaijan, amid the terrorist attack in Moscow, having been caught in these military supplies, puts itself among those responsible for these events. This is a very dangerous situation for the Azerbaijani authorities, because Russian society will not forgive this.

The idea that Azerbaijan is a partner and friend is, in my opinion, wrong. These military supplies show that Azerbaijan is very dangerous. The Azerbaijani leadership is playing a very dangerous game and now poses a threat to Russia,” Koltashov said.

According to the political scientist, Azerbaijan is not Russia’s ally.

“It has been proven once again that Azerbaijan supplies weapons to Ukraine. Russia can condemn this and demand that Azerbaijan stop this kind of relationship with the Kyiv regime. This can be done through standard diplomatic channels rather than in the form of an ultimatum, because now Moscow is not interested in moving from an ultimatum to a stronger response.

Baku knows this in advance, which is why it is so brazenly supplying weapons and other needs that are being ordered from them through the territory of Turkey to the territory of Ukraine, and they have been supplying them for quite a long time. Moscow knows this, but it is very difficult to influence Azerbaijan. It is very difficult because Azerbaijan is not Russia’s ally. As a result, all we can do is state the facts and conduct an information campaign.

Russia, moreover, must beware of an escalation in Transcaucasia, a new crisis into which England and the United States, together with France, would like to somehow drag Russia. So, there is very little room for maneuver for Russian diplomacy,” Koltashov said.

According to the expert, Russia needs to respond to Azerbaijan by introducing trade restrictions.

“Azerbaijan behaves brazenly because it feels it should not be afraid of Russia. For Moscow, it is difficult to do anything about this because work has to be completed on the territory of Ukraine. In this situation, Russia is not free to use its military and political resources, since they are limited. However, trade measures can be taken in the case of Azerbaijan. Given the terrorist attack in Moscow, essentially committed by Ukrainian terrorists, the intensity of public opinion is now so great that there should be at least some kind of response to Azerbaijan.

If you cannot respond strongly in a political or military manner, then you need to respond in a trade manner. It is necessary to introduce restrictions on purchases in Azerbaijan, on transit through Azerbaijan, blocking all kinds of attempts to build Turan as a more functional military-political entity, and ensuring transit along the North-South corridor without touching Azerbaijani soil but through the Caspian Sea.

In general, Azerbaijan made a very serious mistake when, instead of neutral behavior, it believed that Russia would lose in Ukraine. Believing in this allowed it to draw itself into this game against Russia,” Koltashov concluded.